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There’s nothing more to do but finish out the remaining short runs, try to stay healthy, and hope for good race-day weather. If you asked me yesterday, I’d say there’s no way I’m ready for the marathon. Today is a solid “maybe,” but a maybe with some optimism. “They hay is in the barn,” as they say. I did what I could and maybe it’s enough.

Today was a rain soaked near 10 miler. I debated going out in the rain, afraid maybe I’d get sick or caught in more severe weather. (Spoiler alert, so far I feel fine.) Parts of the run felt a little too easy. Parts were run a little too fast (again), and parts felt like I was running out of gas. I blame that last part on the remnants of jet lag and my awesome speed…, well, speed relative to how slow I run. I relied on the lakefront path water fountains for hydration and cooled down just a little too much when I stopped. I sped up to get warm again and maintained it because it felt good.

Control, controlYou must learn control.

Two weeks to go and I’m nervous. The anxiety dreams already started. In the past, the dreams were about dark skies and getting lost on the course. These more recent dreams are more intense. They’re not about getting lost but about loss itself. I think maybe my brain is still reeling from being back from the trip and mashing up random thoughts with this marathon process. I have no reason to frantically search the back of a car for a turkey costume. Yeah. Random stuff like that.

I can’t help but wish for more time to train. I can’t help but second guess the things I’ve done up till now. I keep telling myself that if I take it easy and make it fun, I just might get through it.

Two weeks!  Ahhhhh!!!!!!