Just over a week after the marathon attempt and I’ve graduated to wearing a smaller knee brace and can amble around without crutches. I followed up with my primary care doc and he doesn’t think it’s a tear.

Physical therapy starts on Thursday and I feel like I’ve come full circle: starting PT so I can get running again. This time, I don’t have any crazy expectations. Prior to the marathon, my husband and I invited some friends away to Michigan for a November weekend of a no-pressure 5K and some brewery hopping. I’ll sadly be on the sidelines for the run.

However, I do anticipate being able to run a spring 8K. I already signed up. I’ve got 150-ish days to heal and get back in action. Look for my new blog, “150 days to 8K” coming soon….

Just kidding. I may have failed to inspire. I didn’t get my Hollywood ending, But, I will run again and take small victories where I’m able. I accept the present me and still work to let go comparing that to past me. But I’ve got some swagger back and I’m happy about that.